A Special Invitation from the Developers of Cathance Shores

Dear Friends,

Cathance Lake is a very special place to us. Our families have enjoyed the Maine woods and the Down East environment for many years. Traditionally, paper companies have owned large areas of lake shoreline providing protection for lakes such as Cathance Lake. However, several years ago it became clear that this protection was in jeopardy as paper companies began mass sell-off of lands. When efforts failed to find conservation groups that would purchase paper company lands on Cathance Lake, we made the decision to purchase 1,000 acres with 3.5 miles of shoreline. The goal is to develop the land in a manner that protects the lake and provides a few individuals the opportunity to enjoy the conservation and privacy we value. To accomplish this we have placed over half of the shoreline and the majority of the forested lands in conservation. Lot placements have also been made with the goals of conservation and privacy. We are proud of our plan and hope you will explore it on the web site but more importantly, by making an appointment to tour the development.

Living or summering on Cathance Lake has numerous unique advantages not easily found. First, Cathance Lake is ranked as one of the highest lakes in Maine for water quality with routine clarity measurements to 9 meters. The 3,000 acre lake is a spring-fed lake of glacial origin with areas having depths of 100 feet. The lake is stocked with landlocked salmon and is well known for the trophy size salmon that are obtained. There is a native population of brook trout that routinely yields trout in the 3-5 lb. range. Mid-late summer fishing is for the numerous small-mouth bass. Unlike lakes in southern Maine, one seldom sees more than a couple of boats, even on the most active weekends.

A second advantage of living on Cathance Lake is the proximity to thousands of acres of working forests with accessible ATV and snowmobiling trails. Streams are numerous in Washington County, and the county is blessed with a wide variety of lakes ranging from small, shallow canoeing lakes to large, deep lakes such as West Grand Lake.

The third advantage is the proximity of Cathance Lake to ocean access, making day trips for ocean boating a routine activity. Approximately 20 miles east, access to the Passamaquoddy Bay is at the Robbinston boat landing. From there it is a short boat ride to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea or down the bay to Eastport, Lubec and Campobello Island. Trailering south from Cathance Lake 20 miles, access to Machias Bay is obtained by launching in the Machias causeway. From Machias Bay, day trips include boating to Grand Manan or Machias Seal Island to view puffins or boating to Bar Harbor for lunch.

Lastly, Machias, Calais and Eastport are sufficiently close to provide a variety of shopping and restaurant opportunities. Larger cities including Ellsworth and Bangor are within two hours and offer all the shopping advantages associated with large communities. Lastly, Bar Harbor can be reached by car in two hours and offers a wide variety of recreational and shopping opportunities.

We are both proud and excited about our development on Cathance Lake and are certain that it offers a very unique opportunity for a summer vacation property or a year round home for work or retirement. We look forward to meeting you and taking you on a tour of our development and Cathance Lake.


The owners of Cathance Shores LLC,